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Patrik Rowinski

Patrik Rowinski has over a decade of experience working with people. Over the years, he has established himself as a reliable and skilled coach who focuses on creating lasting change.

Patrik's unique coaching style combines teaching, coaching, and mentoring. His easy-going and educational approach, along with a strong commitment to his clients' success, makes him an invaluable resource on your personal development journey.

Certified Transformative Coach ™

A new approach

Professionell Coaching

Transformative coaching is a method that goes deep. It is based on fundamental knowledge of how to unlock your resources and potential.

A transformative conversation is a process where we together explore and challenge the fundamental beliefs and patterns that govern your life. Through this method, you will not only overcome what is holding you back but also gain invaluable knowledge that will help you with your future challenges.


Personal & Professionell Coaching

Individual coaching to maximize your potential and achieve your personal and professional goals.

Professional Mentorship

Support ang guidance for a sustainable inner development.

Life Coaching

Holistic coaching that helps you balance different aspects of life and achieve sustainable success.

The Benefits of Transformative Coaching


Profound insights

We delve deeper than what is typical in traditional coaching, leading to insights that can truly change your life.


Sustainable change

The changes we work towards are not short-term or superficial. By focusing on long-term development, we ensure that the insights and skills you gain will last a lifetime.


Personal integrity

You will develop a stronger connection to your own values and goals, enabling you to live a more authentic life.


Practical tools

You will gain important knowledge, concrete tools, and strategies to manage your challenges and continue to develop even after our coaching relationship ends.

What clients say:

"Patrik is warm and very present. He is knowledgeable and generous with himself. I have had wonderfully beautiful days together with him, and he has been my companion on my journey to clarity.

These two days are priceless. There is a before and an after my days with Patrik."

Hans Karlsson

Sales trainer and coach

“Patrick has a beautifully balanced coaching style, and seems to have a privileged view of the perimeter of one´s thinking, where he usually finds questions you could not have possibly conceived.

His invitation to take unexplored roads is as compelling as it feels secure. He´s a joy to work with.”

Jeff Davies

Sales Director

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