Imagine that for a little while your head clears and your thoughts stop. Your thinking slows down and all of a sudden your mind is quiet. What would you say is left of you when your mind goes silent? Who or what are you?

Without thoughts about yourself there is nothing left, is there? But you are still here. And you are very much alive, isn’t it so? Probably more alive now when your mind isn’t busy causing all the noise and confusion. No wonder we get confused. Every day we go around with our head spinning ideas, concepts, make situations and things into what they are not.

Thinking happens and we are all caught up until all of a sudden we realise something. We realise that we are thinking. How is it possible that we can hear or see ourselves in this way? Are we what we think or are we something else?

So who are you without your thoughts?

Ask the question and listen to the answer.