The art of chewing bubblegum…

Most of us get rid of our bubblegum once the taste is gone.
Why don’t we do this with our goals?

For me, having goals only makes sense as long as they taste good.
Once they lose their flavour I get rid of them. ”So how do you get anything real done?”, people sometimes ask me. Well, there are several ways to answer that question and one of them might be ”what if life isn’t about getting stuff done?”.

Apparently I do stuff, stuff gets done but the thing is, I am less inclined in pursuing a goal that doesn’t make sense any more. And just because they made sense to me before doesn’t necessary means that it will continue to make sense forever. And you have to admit, to just chew bubblegum for the sake of just chewing isn’t as cool as it might sound 🙂

  • What makes sense to you?
  • How do you go by in life ”making sense” of what to do and what not to do?
  • And the more subtle: Who do you ask this question?

As long as I like to chew bubblegum I will do that but I will also listen what my sense informs me. It can be very helpful because it helps me choose which bubblegum I want to put in my mouth, it can also inform me to not chew many gums at the same time. It helps me realize when it has lost its taste and sometimes it helps me to avoid putting it into my mouth in the first place, although it has been offered to me.

Which bubblegum are you chewing? How does it taste?

Remember, there is more to life than chewing bubblegum.