First of all.

I am writing this because what I am about to say in this article resonates deeply with me. I also want to pay my respect to all who reads this who might get offended. It isn’t my intention to upset anyone and I hope that you can find something of value by getting offended.


The creation of the Three Principles

The way I see it. A man had a mystical experience that changed him completely

And after a while he finally found a way to dress what he saw in words – the three principles were born.

Syd, wherever you are, I thank you with all my heart for speaking after you had your experience. One part of me believes that you saved me and if it wasn’t for you I would have been trapped in the maze of my thoughts for the rest of my life.


But, on the other hand, I am not so sure about that anymore. I am not so sure that you saved me at all.
Maybe I saved myself.


Who is listening to who and why?

If I would describe my own experience it all started with me REALLY LISTENING DEEPLY to what someone had to say.

So what made me listen that deeply?


When I think about it I find that the reason why I listened to this someone was made of two important ingredients:

a) Accessible content I received content that suited my conditioned way of thinking.

b) Someone who knew something – How this person spoke and where he spoke from opened me up. This is the ingredient that makes all the difference.

These two ingredients together blended into something I accepted without any hesitation.


I took the red pill and the rest is history…


”Take this and call me in the morning”

The thing is, I believe that Syd saw something that liberated him from his mind but I don’t believe it was 3P.


And it was not his insight that changed people. It was always Syd himself who helped them.

And now that he made room for something else and moved on, the people who had the fortune of accepting the red pills he spread around him, can continue carrying out the message.

But they carry the message in their hearts, in their very being. Not in their eloquence, their programs or their powerful youtube clips.


Syd was a conduit for truth because he had a direct experience of the world in its most pure essence. And I think that in the pure essence of the world he saw his own essence.


You have probably read this a thousand times before but I want to repeat that helping someone else reach their essence is NOT about the words, and it is NOT about the map whether you prefer 3P, NLP, Taoism, Buddhism, Zen, Hinduism, Christianity etc. it is ONLY about YOU.


The naked YOU.

The YOU that doesn’t need to dress yourself in different clothes in order to blend in.

The YOU that isn’t afraid to be naked.


It is not your thoughts and insights that help other people.
It is where your thoughts and insights led you to.
If you have found your peace you have everything to help someone else find his/hers.

And you help them by being…wait for it….yourself.