We don’t need dreams to be happy, we don’t even need a direction to enjoy life.

When we take a closer look we recognise that dreams are ”things” we don’t currently don’t have or possess.
In this way our dreams creates a desire. And that desire makes us wanting.
What we fail to recognise is that our desires are tormenting us. They do so by stealing our focus and attention and in that way they make us waste lots of mental energy. It doesn’t matter if our wanting is external or internal, like a new object or a different state of being. The same thing applies, our desires will drain us of our mental energy.

And when we get what we want we feel content and happy. Don’t we?
Take a closer look now. Where is the happiness? Where does it come from?
You won’t find it in the object or state of being you set out to reach.
No object nor state have ever housed the human emotion of happiness by itself.
The sense of joy and happiness always comes from the inside and it comes from the relief of releasing our desire. To let go of the wanting. Much in the same way that we would feel happy when somebody that causes us pain stops his efforts in hurting us.

The origin of our feelings, what they are made of, very few understand and talk about.
This is the confusion. And this is why we have a hard time realising that we don’t need anything to be happy. We don’t need a dream, a goal, we don’t even need to have a direction.

Our happiness is always an inside job and it is always available to us.
In every moment…