…or how we make ourselves miserable.

It is my understanding that we human beings, whether we acknowledge this or not, have access to an enormous creative power. And from where I stand today it seems that our attention plays out a bigger part in the creation than I think we are aware of. So to me it seems like any thoughts, whether they are ”good” or ”bad”, informs us about where we are aiming our attention.

Inspired by some of the conversations I am having this question has been present with me for a while now and reflecting on this has showed me something I found interesting. It is like the energy/intelligence behind life picks up where we are ”looking” and serves us that very thing we are looking for. I have no clue if this is ”right”, ”a fact” or even something close to a ”principle” but on a deep level I cannot help seeing this as true.

I see evidence of this on many levels. From our ability to follow a chain of thoughts and when we associate while we talk. Also the strange and true phenomenon that the world changes in correspondence with our moods (moods being thoughts we intentionally or unintentionally are entertaining).

Let us take a simple example of seeing a flower. To us a flower can be the most beautiful thing or just a simple plant depending on our mood or which state of mind we in the moment are coming from. And something that perhaps is very true in our everyday life, we probably don’t even see the flower most of the time. Is the flower there or not? Would a flower exist without nobody seeing it? Do we create the flower or is the flower there as something else until we give it our attention.