If just for a moment, discard everything you know.
Like cleaning out a room of everything occupying its space. Even the stuff that you actually like. Don’t throw it away, just put it outside the room for a while.

Now answer the question. What do you use to navigate through life?

Do you navigate through logical reasoning?
Or do you use your emotions?
Do you follow your gut? Or your heart?

They are all different aspects of your being.

Now pay attention to the feeling.
How does it feel to listen to your own logical reasoning?
To emotions?
To the heart?
To the gut?

Is there a difference? If yes, can you tell what the difference is? And maybe even more important, can you drive any conclusions of what you find?

Have you ever noticed an underlying knowing that powers all other knowing? It is a knowing beyond words, or maybe before words. It doesn’t even need words and it is therefor not particularly interested in getting involved proving itself with words. Have you ever had one of these moments where you just know that you are 100 % sure? You know that you know and you cannot even put what you know into words? This is the knowing before your mind have tried to grasp it and make something out of it. This is sometimes referred to a feeling without content.

With regards to life I think that whatever we mean when we say ”life” navigates best by itself.

And it doesn’t make lots of sense trying to steer something that drives itself. We might just end up breaking something.




Thank you for reading this article. It is inspired by my own life and what I have observed.
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About the author: Patrik Rowinski believes in cooperation and he enjoys to support anyone who has a sincere will to change. He works as a Mental Health Consultant and Three Principles Facilitator and supports personal and organisational growth through conversations, lectures and in his writing.

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