Look in the mirror…what do you see?

Not until we discover what we have become, we can rediscover what we are.

The process is called self-discovery. If properly guided self-discovery leads to a higher degree of self-knowledge which is like the stepping stones to a new way of experiencing and enjoying life.

Increasing ones self-knowledge leads to changes in perception.

But in order to change we first must become aware that we are aware. Awareness comes with being alive so as long as we have a knowing that we are alive we are aware but the trick is to be sure of what we are aware of. Can we really trust ourselves?

What is there when we open our eyes and senses and who is looking?

A high degree of self-awareness and self-knowledge unlocks a powerful and hidden resource within us. This resource is the foundation of the healthy, self-sufficient and peaceful way of being we all want to achieve.

Funny enough this process requires no effort of your behalf, but your gain is everything.