Thinking about what I am about to write I realize that whatever it is I wish to express here it may remain unseen. What I wish to express is not in the lines themselves but in the gap in between. In the the emptiness and silence. Remember that without emptiness there is no room for something new and fresh to emerge.

Also, the purpose of the words here are not for swapping concepts or replacing old ideas with new ideas (like there is such a thing as ”new ideas”). Therefore I encourage you to refrain from adopting any new beliefs but rather to see that you might not need any at all.

Believe me (!), no idea or belief is as freeing as no idea and no belief, no matter how grand it might appear to you.

First of all I want you to forgive your mind for wanting to cling onto something. It probably thinks it will drown or disappear if it has nothing to hold onto. But that is far away from the truth. Help your mind to see that nothing harmful can happen by letting go. Letting go leaves the mind with space and a sense of freedom. Free to fully spread it wings, without the weight of ideas or beliefs.

Imagine how you can be or where you can go…

Remember, ideas and concepts are nothing more than objects. And objects can be seen or perceived by a subject. Are you object or subject? If you can see something it means that you cannot be the thing you are seeing.

If a tree could see itself it would seize to be a tree.


The personal mind is created by our minds

I have been thinking about personal mind or ”little mind” as other philosophies might use and I cannot help seeing there is no such thing. Whatever we experience as our mind is rather a natural expression of life itself. So whatever we think our minds are up to, it is exactly how it should be at this stage.

Nevertheless, creating divisions like this serves a purpose because to discover one, one must first recognize two.

By recognizing two you are for the first time free to begin experience life from more than just one perspective. It can in the beginning cause some confusion.

But which perspective will you trust?

Can you trust any of them?

Maybe both are trustworthy but not true.

Now, don’t make use of any of the words here. An invitation is open…

…the rest is up to you.