Many think that the way to a peaceful life in harmony with ourselves and our environment comes from having a silent mind. This is in a way pointing in the right direction so it makes perfect sense to be open to whatever it is that helps you silence your mind.

But the thing is that I think that we in general are missing a small but mostly relevant point in this. And that is that there is a distinction between having a quiet mind and no thoughts at all.

To me a quiet mind is when I pay very little or no attention to the thoughts that goes through my mind.

And I think that people who are looking for a way to live without thoughts going through their minds will search until there is nothing left to search with.

You see, being alive is by definition to be in touch and connected with consciousness in which there lies the unlimited potential for discovering a new thought in any moment. So as long as we are alive we are bound to have thoughts.

And to have a peaceful life comes from learning how to have a healthy relationship to that stream of thoughts.