Photo credit: Warren Keelan

For a long time a I believed that the state of absolute calm and peace was a state where I sort of re-positioned into my true self. And for a long time I thought that this was my natural state of being. It had to be, I thought.

Why did I think so? I don’t know, maybe because it felt SOOO good. I felt soooo good to be content, ok with whatever rises within and without, nowhere I need to go. Just calm, still and at peace. It felt so real, so authentic.

But who is that authentic self I think I have discovered really?

I realised that what I consider as my true self, the real and authentic self – is nothing more than a snapshot of me at this one moment in time. Then I innocently add an idea and give that snapshot a meaning. That is all.

It is all ok and innocent but if we stay true to that idea and allow it to become our guide, it constrains us. Why, because first of all whatever we think of ourselves, we cannot be pinned down to a state of being in a particular moment in time. And secondly, this way of defining ourselves doesn’t fit with our experience which is ever-changing from moment to moment.

To me being authentic is to recognize but more importantly, to acknowledge and accept your moment to moment ever-changing nature whether you like what you see or not. The truth of the matter is that whatever state of mind you are in is not only a subject of change – but whether you like it or not, it will change in the next moment or two.

I sometimes think of human existence as a part of the stuff that makes up what we call “ocean”. And all the stuff in that ocean moves together. So in order for a wave to rise there must be stuff under the wave, to help it build up. And no part of the ocean is more important than the other.

So just relax and enjoy being a part of it, we are all in it together.



I hope you found this article valuable. The content is parts from the work I do. If you are interested in diving in at a deeper level feel free to get in touch.

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