Don’t let your fears rule your life.

To be authentic is to allow your outside be a reflection on what is going on inside. Understand your fears, face them and live an authentic life.

People are generally afraid of their feelings. Repressing discomfort is something we do on a daily basis but sometimes we also repress spontaneous feelings of happiness and joy. It is not other people that bothers us it is how we feel about them that creates the discomfort. Because deep within each and every one of us we are embarrassed having these feelings about others. To dislike, feel annoyed with other persons bother us because we know that we are not supposed to feel that way about them. We experience the same thing when we suppress the feelings that owerwhelmes us when we something really beautiful, like something in the nature or a beautiful woman. We are embarrassed having these feelings as if it was not allowed to have these feelings. This is to be dishonest with yourself. What we are engaging in is to trying to control a natural reaction instead of allowing it to be and by this we move away from the stream of life and our humanity.

Our thoughts and the emotions that accompanies our thoughts are very natural and human and yet we act as if they were not allowed, like it is not ok to feel. How is it not ok to feel what we feel?

To try to assume control over your feelings is not only inhuman, it is also very hard. Learn to live in harmony with what you feel by first allowing yourself to have these feelings. Living in harmony with your feelings will allow you to create a more healthy relationship with them. And with time you will develop an ability to see them and choose how you would like to respond to them. Harmony will emerge once you stop resisting the reality of your inner world and align it with your outer world. Let go and embrace both the devil and the monkey within you. They will serve you best once you acknowledge them and allowing their existence.

Live in your feelings, live to be you.