Life is about living and for me that is to have fun and learn more, forever entangled in a lovely intimate dance.

Looking at the world around me I cannot help but feel that in all this complexity which is our planet and all the life on it, there is simplicity. I also seems like my ability to actually see this depends on my level of consciousness in that moment. It is quite simple, when I am stressed out the world seems like a chaotic mess with so many events going on that it is overwhelming and in my most peaceful moments the world is a marvel of beauty and I cannot help but seeing the simplicity in the creation.

Everything seems to be exactly as it should and I can actually see how this standpoint helps. I sometimes sense a connection to life stretching beyond the boundaries of my body. Although all my senses and my conceptual thirsting mind will tell me differently I still feel this. How can I feel something that isn’t true? Consider this for a moment. What if the thing that we call space between you and a tree would be considered as an organ? That would imply that the tree and you are connected, the same in something larger. And what if we look at a even larger scale, is the earth one large organism?

Maybe we are all connected and that in the fabric of nature there is a natural force that knows what to do, the keeper of our bearings even when we think we lost them. And that we move away from truth when we humans add our complex thinking to it.

Humans might like to keep it simple but I think we love to make in more complex than we need to.

What if everything that has happened and is happening to me, you and everyone else is exactly perfect? So what if we need three earths to support our way of life today? Applying simple logic to this ”fact” would mean that our race as we know it will drive us to the edge of our own survival.

What if that is ok, what if that is exactly perfect?

I sometimes think of species that are extinct and although I care for animals and my heart feels sad about the fact that a family of wonderful creatures is no more and that I wish that my children would have had a chance to see these creatures with their own eyes, I have come to see the beauty in our dynamic world. Life is infinite, it just changes form. Death brings life. In this sense I think the world is magically beautiful. And if we allow it, we all could be like the sea otters of the universe playing in the largest playground we could imagine.

Life is about living – make sure that you enjoy the ride.