I recently been having conversations about the beliefs that we all carry around with us. Beliefs are just an idea that you for some reason have picked up and entertained, which basically means that you have picked up a thought and have repeated it inside your head so many times until you believe it to be true. This seems true to me because we often tend to confuse ourselves and mistake something we heard or seen many times as truth. Those are never the same.

What’s so interesting about the beliefs we carry is that we are so often totally unaware of them. One more thing I find even more fascinating about them is that even when we see how limiting they are to us, we are not so inclined to letting them go. We protect them really well and if we feel really threatened we can do some seriously stupid things in order to defend our beliefs. I once heard someone say ”I’d rather die than to admit that I was wrong”. I know that he didn’t meant it literally but there was no mistake on how hard he was willing to fight for his belief. I think we protect them so well because despite that we acknowledge that they limit us, they give us a feeling of safety. Safety seems to be so important to us that we don’t care how strange we might act or how miserable we make ourselves or others, just as long as we feel safe.

Most of our beliefs are like blindspots. Deep down inside we know that we have them but I think that in our day to day lives we at best only can sense some of them. In our busy life doing stuff they get away by hiding in the shadows of our minds, creating confusion with their whispering voices. Of course not all beliefs causes discomfort and havoc but you have to admit that it could be useful to be able to see the ones that do.

To begin the journey and start freeing yourself from your limiting beliefs is probably one of the best investments that you can make. And one of the most rewarding things about embarking on this particular ride is that you will find that getting rid of your beliefs is easier than you probably could ever imagine. You see, all you have to do is to see them. Because when you see them clearly it is very easy to make out which you might want to keep and which you want to get rid off.

And the coolest thing about getting rid of unwanted beliefs is once you see their true nature, they go away all by themselves, simply because they are just an idea, made of thought. And because they have no live of their own they hold no power over you once you decided to let them go. It is like having unwanted guests in your home, like thoughts, the best way to get them out of your home is to stop entertaining them. As one of my teachers once said ”a thought cannot think itself”.

Like the metaphor of thoughts and ideas being like guests, letting the unwanted guests leaving your home is a big relief. Your home gets more quiet, you have more space and without the burdon of the unwanted guests in your mind life gets a lot easier and you are more free to do what you want with your life.

Treat your thoughts and ideas as guests in your home.
Be kind to all and stop entertaining the ones that you don’t care for,
they will leave by themselves.