When we notice and recognize that there is a voice in our head that never stops speaking we can discover something quite extraordinary – we can see that we are not our thoughts.

What would you say if I told you that this voice is nothing more than bits of energy passing through your being?

Can you hear it? What does it say? Does it have a familiar ring to it like ”haven’t I thought that before?” – like echoes from your past and future?

Have you ever stopped and wondered why you believe certain thoughts and dismiss others? Isn’t it strange how the ones that we engage in feels real? Why did we dismiss some and made others real?

If all they are, bits of energy passing through our consciousness, why would we give credibility to any of them? Nobody is forcing us to believe any thoughts passing through…or is there?

Pay attention to that voice, and recognize that you are the one being aware of it.

Then the melting will begin…

Clever is the voice…it will say all kinds of things to get your attention again.
It might say ”Ahhhh, melting is good.”
It might say ”Hmm, I am not melting fast enough.”
It might say ”Damn, I have stopped melting, I am becoming solid again.”
It might say ”Now I understand how life works.”
It might say ”I need more, I wonder if I can speed up this process.”
It might say ”I am really good at this.”
It might say ”Melting is happiness.”
It might say ”I shall liberate others by sharing my understanding about melting.”
And so on…

Different flavors. Misleading. Confusing. Cunning. Always changing shape. Like a ”brute force attack” on your being, but not a hostile one.

But no matter what. Be sure of this:

The voice are thoughts.
Turning our attention on thoughts is called thinking.
And you don’t have to believe any of it because you are neither.

Ultimately you have but two choices.
To believe the voice and get distracted by its content or to remain as the one watching the voice.