”About disliking….”owl_ny

When you dislike someone most of us react and think that is the ”other” person who erred, is acting stupid etc. This is however a fundamental misunderstanding, innocently but nonetheless a misunderstanding.

In fact, it works completely the other way around. If YOU dislike someone actually points to the fact that it is rather YOU that is doing whatever you are doing to feel what you feel and not the other person. I am not trying to say that instead of blaming the other person for acting stupid it is in fact YOU that is doing just that but to make a point of how easily we humans build a misleading picture of the world, often without even knowing it or being aware of it.

To learn more about how you build your image of the world is probably the wisest investment you will ever make. When your understanding of this deepens, I can almost promise you that you will not only have a much richer and nicer life, you will take things more lightly and there is also a risk that much you been sure of before changed completely..

Just like with the great ocean, the deeper you dive into yourself, the more exciting things you might end up finding.

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